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Mayor Nieves Rosento

Nieves C. Rosento is a woman of strength and resilience. She and her siblings were raised by her father and mother in Aborlan, Palawan. They grew up working on and learning from their land and crops, and her parents ensured they recieved a good education. Mayor Rosento has many experiences under her belt. She worked with NGOs, the Haribon foundation, DENR, and El Nido Resorts, before eventually finding her calling - serving the El Nidonians through public service. She first served as a sangguniang bayan member, then a vice mayor, and presently our mayor. She is a pillar of strength for the youth and elderly. She also serves as an inspiration to the women of El Nido by empowering our women from all walks of life and making them believe that they are enough to improve their lives, families, communities, and El Nido. Mayor Rosento is also an active environmentalist, enforcing the no plastics policy and regulated smoking ordinance in el nido.

Vice Mayor Leonor Corral

Vice Mayor Leonor Dangan - Corral is an El Nidoian-born public official, a religious person, a mentor, an environmental and women advocate, an entrepreneur, and a dentist by profession. Born on October 26, 1959, Vice-Mayor Corral is the youngest of the seven children of Former El Nido Mayor Pedro Abrina - Dangan and an entrepreneur Nenita Palmera-Tan. Though both her parents had passed away, leaving them a legacy the core values of a good servant – serving God and the people, is Vice Mayor Corral’s living principle. Realizing her ‘heart of people’s service, Vice Mayor Corral then followed the footsteps of her father. She entered into politics as a Sangguniang Bayan Member from 1986 to 2000, Municipal Vice Mayor from 2001 to 2006, and Municipal Mayor from 2007 to 2010. Over the past three decades, she has been into public service. Vice Mayor Corral’s mantra “Hawak Kamay, Kaya Natin ‘To!”, she believes that through a collective effort in the community the El Nido’s vision will be achieved.

Rene Jay M. De la Calzada

Rene Jay M. De la Calzada has been the Municipal Administrator for the local government of El Nido since 2016. As Municipal Administrator he is responsible for the development of management strategy, coordination of government personnel, organization development, and relevant administrative support services. Sir De la Calzada joined the local government with 21 years of experience in environmental and tourism management, technical work, biodiversity conservation and development, research, monitoring and evaluation and environmental law enforcement. He also has extensive experience in management practice, project identification, project proposal development, project implementation, and business planning and sustainable financing. He was a project manager at WWF- Philippines from 1999-2017, and a project officer at El Nido Foundation from 1995-1998. Prior to that he worked for the Philippine National Red Cross from 1993-1995.  

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